How to Get Started

If you have a design that is in digital format:


1.)  Please provide a clear image of the design that you wish to have embroidered.  If a blurry or low quality image is provided, it will be hard for our digitizers to work with, and for our machines to stitch.

2.)  If you have a design in a digital format on your computer, feel free to email your design to us at, or drop off your design on a cd or thumb drive at our store location

 3.)  Include in your email your name, company, phone contact, a description of what type of garments you want your design on, and the quantity.

4.)   Then, a River Bend Threads Representative will get in touch with you and provide different options of garments, and a quote.  Before any production is started a digital proof will be provided.


If you DO NOT have a design in digital format:


1.)  If your design is currently on a business card, photo, shirt, letterhead, ect, bring that to us at River Bend Threads.

2.)  River Bend Threads will  work on getting your image into our computers and digitized.  Once your design is in our computers, our team can then properly assess your order.

3.)  A River Bend Threads representative will then contact you for more information such as:  size, layout, quantity, added text (if needed), and  what garment styles you prefer.  

4.)  River Bend Threads can then provide you with a proper quote and turn around time for  your order.  Before any production is started a digital proof will be provided.

Do you have an idea for a design needed for a family reunion, your business, your store, or event but don’t have the graphics or a design ready?   No Problem! At River Bend Threads we have thousands of pre-digitized graphics that you can chose from, and designers on staff to help you with your vision.

1.)  Look through our immense catalog of designs at  Dakota Collectibles – Embroidery Designs for the design or designs that fit your needs.  If you have trouble finding exactly what you need feel free to call us.

2.)  Chose what graphic you would like for your order.  Please note the graphic title and the 6 digit code under the title.

3.)  After your graphic is selected, provide us with any text you would like on your garment and the location of this text in relation to your chosen graphic.

4.)  Email us all of the information about your project at , OR feel free to stop in at our store location to meet with a River Bend Threads designer.  Before any production is started a digital proof will be provided.


*Please note – If you are a customer providing a new design that we have not run in our embroidery shop before, all of our new design needs to be digitized, (If you are unfamiliar with what digitizing means, Read below and learn what the process is all about).  Digitizing  is a one time fee per new logo for us to create.  After it is digitized, we will store your design on our server for future use.  Any job run with that same design in the future, will not be charged a digitizing fee.


Digitizing your Design and what that means:


Before any design can be embroidered by us, it must be digitized.  Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting existing artwork like a logo, text, graphic, or a team emblem into a stitch file that our embroidery machine can process, and then sew on a garment.  This is a complex process that is both art and science.  If you are a customer providing a new design that we haven’t worked with before, your design will need to be digitized.  Due to the complexity and lengthy process of digitization,  there is a one time fee for digitizing your design.  Once your graphic is digitized, we will always have your design on file, so you won’t need to digitize it ever again!